Taking a flight to life-long learning

After a wonderful journey of 3 months Amal Fellowship, I had finally my last session last weekend. With a heavy heart, we all were about to say good-bye to our official learning routine. Obviously, we all will not be meeting every weekend from now to onwards, but yes, we will be connected for a lifetime. We have learnt precious things in our fellowship sessions that will be helping in every phase of our lives forever.

I am not saying that we have mastered every knowledge during this fellowship, but we have mastered the art of learning anything we want to. In our last session, we didn’t have any academic lectures, and it was full of fun activities. Yes, we arranged this session to pay gratitude to our mentors and fellow fellows for their entire support and positive feedback on every activity we did. And yes, we met to take a pledge to help each other in our learning for a lifetime. The most beautiful part was when fellows gave sweet titles names to other fellows. This is all what, I love the most about this last session, paying gratitude and taking the pledge for stronger connections. Although our official journey is over, we will be there for each other being good friends and Amal family. We are connected through Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp and Emails.

Through this last beautiful session, we were inspired to be available for help whenever any fellow needs. Another interesting thing about this session was no workload, and we were there for just chit chat to get relaxed. After having this session, I realized the importance of sometimes having a break from official tasks by just connecting to the fellows, friends or family for an emotional uplift. And actually, it is crucial to have some breaks for emotional support from our social circle after short intervals of time. The family that Amal has given me is no less than a great blessing for me. So, definitely, I will be connected to it for my entire life. Whatever we learned from Amal, is actually based on the four principles of progress;

Amal = Taking initiatives towards our plans and goals.

Khudi = Making self-realization in every task of life.

Ek or Ek Gayara = Teamwork

Kam Kam Kam = Hardwork

Our life long learning is basically based on these four principles. So, to do and learn whatever we want in our life, we will need these principles of progress. That’s why I will be taking initiatives towards my goals using the principle “Khudi” and then hard work and teamwork (if needed). And to practice, other valuable knowledge such as creating superhero resume & cover letter, elevator pitch, connecting life stories to my skills, I will apply for a job to everywhere to the companies of my interest until I reach to my desired professional destination. And that’s not it. We have many more things that are not related to our professional growth but with our personal growth-mindset. I will be practising those in my personal learnings.

This fellowship took 3 months to teach us all these things, but it has set the right directions for us to learn anything and everything that we will want. So, I can say this fellowship journey is not ended, it has actually started now, and it will last forever.

“Every story has an end, but in life, every ending is just a new beginning.”



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